We offer a variety of private lessons. Our staff will work with your athlete to develop a positive and fun learning environment in which your athlete can grow their skills and confidence. We offer 60 Minute options in which we will grow the skill through drills, but also body awarness and control to have the confidence you need to perform and advance your skills! 

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Stunt - Flyer - Flexibilty Training

  • Flyer training works on skills to improve balance, confidence and body positions 
  • Stretching and Flexibility training helps to improve your jumps and flyer body positions
  • Stunting training consists of working with an actual stunt group to improve skills                       



Beginner Tumbling

  • Forward/Backwards Roll
  • Backbend
  • Bridge Kick Over
  • Handstand
  • Front Limber
  • Cartwheel
  • Round Off
  • Front/Back Walkovers



  Intermediate Tumbling

  In order to register for Intermediate Tumbling, you must have all the skills for Beginner Tumbling

  •     Standing Back handspring
  •     Round Off Back Handspring
  •     BWO Back Handspring
  •     Front Handspring
  •     Jump BHS




  Advanced Tumbling

  In order to register for AdvancedTumbling, you must have all the skills for Beginner and IntermediateTumbling

  •    Tuck
  •    Layout
  •    Front Punch